Mudslinger... A Dirty Little Game of Politics
Mudslinger | A Dirty Little Game of Politics


Mudslinger was originally developed over a decade ago, honestly as a joke among friends. A political junkie, I (Matt Dawson) began developing the game following the 2004 presidential election, when we were surrounded by news of some kind of stolen election. It struck me that it would be interesting to play a game where players could pull every dirty trick in the book to win/steal an election. Mudslinger was born.

About six months into development and play-testing, we realized we designed a game that was actually FUN. Like ridiculously, hilariously fun. People got rabid-mad playing it, so over the next year and a half, many revisions and game balancing efforts took place until we got it just right.

We took the game to Origins 2007 at the insistence of friends and family to introduce it to the public and seek out a legitimate publisher. We sold out at the convention, won an award from a gamer group that was there (Spewgie 2007 Best Card Game) and then sold over 200 copies that year from word of mouth alone. One publisher in particular came very close to picking it up, until they decided it wasn't family-friendly enough for their image.

After two years of work on a project that was never meant to be work, we shelved Mudslinger except for the occasional game with those in the know. Now, with self-publishing getting easier to produce quality finished products, we're offering it again with updated art and cards.

Whether you love politics or just competitive social games (or both), Mudslinger is going to be up your alley. With your input and feedback, we may just hit up the publishers again. Even if we don't go that far, we are confident that you can be thrilled to own an updated, limited-edition game that isn't just unique in nature, but insanely fun to play.

Thanks for reading and we really do hope you love the game as much as we have all these years!


Mudslinger was originally developed by Matt Dawson, with loads of input, help and support from his ex-wife, Pamela Bautz, and good friends Paris and Brandi Robertson, Kirk and Marie Gerhardt and too many others to name who contributed their time and energy in play testing.

Matt Feazell contributed the art on this latest version. Be sure to pick up his Cynical-Man volumes, treasures in the comic strips scene. Really, if you haven't been introduced, go check it out:

Mark Tyhurst also helped with additional artwork and web site development.

Mudslinger | A Dirty Little Game of Politics